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Board of Directors for APTA 2006
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    About The Conference

Asia Pacific Tourism Association & APacCHRIE CONFERENCES 2006 The 12th Asia Pacific Tourism Association and The 4th Apac-CHRIE Joint Conference will be an exciting international event being held in Hualien, the last wonderlands in Taiwan June 26-29, 2006. The theme of this joint conferences will be "Hospitality & Tourism Education: Trends & Strategies" and the aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity for presentation and discussion for their research outcomes among academic scholars and industry experts in the Asia Pacific region so that they can exchange information on their research and also net work among themselves for future collaboration in research and academic exchanges.

  1. Researchers, academics and consultants with research interests in hospitality and tourism
  2. Industry experts in hospitality and tourism
  3. Administrators of academic programs in hospitality and tourism
  4. Post-graduate students in tourism, hospitality, leisure and related fields
  5. Publishers of journals and academic textbooks 6. Students in tourism/ hospitality management

The conference will feature several plenary sessions that will include panel presentations focusing on :
1. Hospitality & Tourism Education
2. Emerging issues in education and training
3. Marketing and promotion of tourism/ hospitality/ foodservice
4. Tourism/ hospitality/ foodservice forecasting and economic aspects of industry
5. Studies on social, cultural, economic and environmental impact of tourism/ hospitality/ foodservice
6. Tourism/ hospitality/ foodservice and environmental sustainability
7. Operation of tourism and hospitality/ foodservice businesses at both macro and micro levels
8. The gaming and casino industry in Asia
9. Community tourism development and rural/ farm tourism
10. IT and Internet aspects of tourism/ hospitality/ foodservice
11. Other papers related to the theme of the Conference
12. Human resources development and educational issues in industry
13. Financial models or econometrics of tourism/ hospitality/ foodservice