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An aborigine welcome dance - all participants were invited to enjoy the Campus Party hold in Taiwan Hospitality & Tourism Collage.

Registration Desk Opening Hours
Wednesday 28 June     08:30 ~ 18:00
Thursday 29 June        08:30 ~ 12:00

Name Badges
It is imperative that you wear your name badge at all times, even to the social functions. Should you lose your name badge, please speak to the staff at the Registration Desk who will make you a replacement.

Session Rooms
Please refer to the information further on conference program.

Message Board/Information Board
Please note that there is a Message/Information Board next to the Registration Desk. We ask that you check this on a regular basis for updates, and in case someone is trying to make contact with you.

Chairpersons & Speakers-Important note
All Chairpersons and Speakers should ensure they are at their nominated session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of their session. Loading of presentation onto the computer will be done immediately prior to the session. Please ensure you have a copy of the Chair/Speaker notes provided to you.

Keynote speaker, Prof. Thomas Baum, is presenting “Taking the High Road: Sustainable Practices in Human Resource Management for Hospitality and Tourism” and the participants are showing their interest in and attention to the topic.

Internet Service
10 computers with wireless internet of free charge are ready at the lobby for participants’ use from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

CAMPUS PARTY was held on the evening of 27 June. All our international distinguished guests enjoyed aboriginal cuisine and the local authentic entertainment. They had a pleasant evening.


We made a marvelous to Taroko National Park yesterday. All the participants are very impressive about the striking scenes in Taroko Gorge. Waterfalls, precipices, majestic mountains, marble grottoes, and craggy cliffs, they all create a perfect expression of the nature wonders and remain ecological resources.


Innovations in Tourism and Hospitality Education through Entrepreneurship and Industry Partnerships(09:00~10:00 V+C )
Professor Kaye Kye-Sung Chon is Chair Professor of Hotel and Tourism Management and Head of School. As a former hotel manager and tourism industry consultant, Professor Chon previously held academic positions at the University of Houston, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Virginia Tech in the United States. During his academic career, he received numerous visiting professorships, research fellowships, and Visiting Lectureships from universities around the world,
He will analyze the essence and the co-operation of business industry in hospitality education, and tourism marketing, It will be a remarkable presentation and you would not like to miss it.

Today, there are 2 sessions of research presentation held at Red Room, Orange Room, Yellow Room, Green Room. They will be started from 10:30-12:00 and 14:00-15:30. The present topics are Service Quality and Management in Tourism / Hospitality / Foodservice Industry, Studies on Health, Safety, and Wellness Impact of Tourism / Hospitality / Foodservice Industry, Research in Tourism / Hospitality / Foodservice Industry, Human Resources Development in Tourism / Hospitality / Foodservice Industry, Customer Satisfaction, Consumer Behavior. They are all exceptional researchers in their field. We surely expect a high attendance.

APacCHRIE Annual Conference will be held in Crystal House from 12:00-14:00 and APTA Annual Conference will be held from 16:00-17:00 in the same venue。

Hualien city is the main stop for almost all visitors. It has its characteristics of the city and popular tourist sites. You may stop for diverse Taiwanese snacks and delicacies, or shop for some souvenirs, like stone carving, wood carving, crystal. 
Hualien city has a lot of food specialty shops selling maji (glutinous rice ball), dou-gan (dried bean curd), Hualien cookie (Hualien su), and xiao mi jiu (aboriginal rice wine). 
The Nanbin Night Market is one of the most popular places for native people to spend their weekend and free time during the day and in the evening. The Park contains a stadium, an area with facilities for raising white doves, a promenade from which visitors can enjoy the aquatic scenery, and artificial mountains with path and walking. People sell all types of snacks and delicacies- like niu-pai (beef steak), o-ah-jian (oyster omelet), qu dou-fu (stinky tofu), xiang ji-pai (fragrantly fried chicken), chua-bing (shaved ice), jhen-jhu-nai-cha (pearl milk tea).

The last session of research presentation will be held from 09:00-10:00 tomorrow. CLOSING CEREMONY will be held in (V+C) from 10:30-12:00 We arrange a plentiful Farewell Lunch to express our deepest appreciation for your participation.


Transportation Information
Daily Shuttle Service (Complimentary)

Date From (Time) To (Time) By Remarks
June 26—29 1.Unique Holiday Inn
*FarGlory Hotel
Shuttle Bus * Venue.
June 25—29 2.FarGlory Hotel
*Unique Holiday Inn
Shuttle Bus *Downtown 
June 25—28 3.FarGlory Hotel
*Unique Holiday Inn
Shuttle Bus *Downtown

*Gather: 1. Unique Holiday Inn Lobby.    2. & 3. FarGlory Hotel Lobby.


Today’s Tours (Complimentary)
FarGlory Hotel (FGH) – Hualien Downtown (HDT)

Date From (Time) To (Time) Remarks

June 28

FGH (p.m.18:00) *HDT (p.m.18:30-21:00) *Downtown Tour by Night
HDT (p.m.21:00)   FGH (p.m.21:30)

*Gather: FarGlory Hotel Lobby.