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Welcome party of the 4th Annual ApacCHRIE and 12th Asia Pacific Tourism Association Joint Conference was held in Dante’s Plaza (19:00-21:00, 25 June).

We would like to expend our heartiest welcome to all our international delegates and distinguished guests traveling all the way here from more than 60 countries. Hualien is a place abundant in dramatic natural spectacle and we hope you enjoy vast panoramic views of Hualien throughout the coming 4 days. In addition, we should like to thank all authors for their patience during the paper reviewing process and express our great esteem for the reviewers who, over so much time, have labored professionally in these papers of the conference.
Date : 2005. 11. 13 (Sun) 18:00 ~ 19:30
Place: Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel

Dr. Ming-Huei Lee
Chairman of the Conference
12th APTA & 4th APacCHRIE 2006 International Joint Conference

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The duration of registration on 25 June was from 08:30-18:00 and went smoothly as scheduled without any trouble. All the guests gave words of praise about conference venue, Farglory Hotel.

Welcome party of the 4th Annual ApacCHRIE and 12th Asia Pacific Tourism Association Joint Conference was held in Dante’s Plaza (19:00-21:00, 25 June). Chairperson of the committee gave a cordial welcome to all participants.


Prof. Chris Ryan has been a course leader leading staff for validation procedures in the UK. Such courses include BTEC HND course with 30 staffs, which gained a 5 year validation and a CNAA MA in Tourism (Planning and Management) which gained validation.
His speech will overlook the tendency of study for 
the education of Food and Beverage, and Hospitality field. It will be truly worthwhile to present for his speech.

Today, there are 2 sessions of research presentation individually held at Red Rooms, Orange Rooms, Yellow Rooms, and Green Rooms. They will be started at 13:30 and 16:00. The present topics are including Marketing and Promotion, Customer behavior, issues in education and training, Studies on Social, Culture, Environmental and Economic Impact of Tourism / Hospitality / Foodservice Industry, Rural / Farm and Other Theme Tourism ,Strategies on Tourism / Hospitality / Foodservice Industry . Presenters are from the renowned universities and colleges of countries.

CONFEREENCE DINNER PARTY will take place in Ballroom from19:00 - 21:00 this evening. We look forward to having you all proposing the toast in this party.

Beyond RESEARCH PRESENTATION, Program Planning Committee arranges a trip to Taroko National Park in the afternoon. Taroko National Park is located in the eastern Taiwan county of Hualien. The sinuous road snakes along midway up 3,000-foot craggy cliffs that soar high above the river. The rushing water continues to etch out the gorge as it has for millenniums. Sheer marble and granite formations tower hundreds of feet into the mist. What really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention are the miles of 3-foot-wide trails carved into the face of mountain walls hundreds of feet above the ravine. We look forward to your experiencing. It centers around the Taroko Gorge, which provides the park's most famous scenic attractions with sights of majestic mountain streams, the Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallows' Grottoes, Tunnel of Nine Turns, and other scenes of outstanding beauty. The famous Paiyang Waterfall and the Qingshui Precipice are perfect expressions of the precipitous natural wonders of Taroko National Park. We whish you an enjoyable and stimulating trip.

Tomorrow, Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College (THTC)will hold a Campus Party. You may have a good time tasting the aboriginal cuisine and enjoy first-rate performance in THTC delicately situated in Hualien-Taitung East Rift Valley.


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June 26—29 1.Unique Holiday Inn
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June 25—29 2.FarGlory Hotel
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Shuttle Bus *Downtown 
June 25—28 3.FarGlory Hotel
*Unique Holiday Inn
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*Gather: 1. Unique Holiday Inn Lobby.    2. & 3. FarGlory Hotel Lobby.